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Introduction of mattress materials

Spring material is closely related to the most important support elasticity sturdy and durability degree. Spring is absolutely the most critical role. In Taiwan market, the most commonly known and popular spring materials have the following five types. 

Connecting type spring 

Traditional mattress uses steel wire connecting rings and rings of thick diameter wire spring to fix hardness for higher sleeping feeling. It has good hard and solid support but not clear elasticity and easy to be connected. Domestically, the life style of most old generation elders and Japanese accustoms to the use of connecting type spring mattress. However, if sleep at fixed position for long time or sit at the edge of the mattress or the four corners, or not regularly turns over the mattress will need to sink and elastic fatigue. Independent drum spring.

Independent drum spring 

Independent drum spring utilizes non-woven or cotton bags packaging into bags and then glue together or seals with supersonic method. The more the number of springs means the higher the body of the spring and the softer. The maximum number of turns is 6 turns or 7 turns. The number of spring body arrangement is based on the inside diameter of the spring. The smaller the inside diameter, the required number of the spring body is higher. The mattress is, therefore, harder. The independent drum mattress spring is not hooked together by hookers. It is independent as individual springs. The turning over of people sleeping next to you will not affect the sleep of another person. At the same time, it can evenly sustain the pressure of each contacting point of the body. The body will not be suspended in air and cause sore and pain. This conforms to the advantages of ergonomics. Comparing against the connecting type spring, the sleep feeling of the independent drum mattress is softer. And the support properties of better independent drum are the same as that of connecting type spring. 

Honey comb type spring 

Honeycomb type independent drum is one type of materials for independent drum mattress. Its construction is the same as that of independent drum. It uses parallel layout. The special of honey comb type independent drum is that when cross layout is used, it can reduce the gaps between springs and improve support and elasticity performance and reduces the influence force of the surface of the mattress. It can closely fit the curves of human body and increase average pressure distribution and the softness, durability and elasticity of sleeping feeling. 

Single steel wire spring 

Springs at every point of the complete mattress are connected with a single steel wire, winding from the head of the bed to the end of the bed. Then, they are connected in parallel to make the uniqueness of the single steel wire mattress. The uniqueness is the average load distribution of support force and pressure distribution. It is the most durable spring structure. 

High elasticity spring 

The steel wire diameter of the high elasticity spring is 1.8mm. After the springs are made, steel wire is used to connect then into the complete mattress. The medium steel, high carbon steel, high temperature processing selected for the production can be bent to 90 degree without shape change. It has the features of high recovery elasticity and Q soft elasticity. 

High support independent drum 

High support independent drum is one of the types in the independent drum mattresses. The production and layout are the same as that of normal independent drum mattress. However, the diameter of the spring wire used in 2.4mm refined high carbon steel. The designed number of spring is 660 units 5 ft. It can maintain stability and at the same time does not have too soft sleeping feeling. It is the best selection for consumers used to hard mattress. 


Foam materials


What are foam materials

Foam mixes appropriate amount of polyurethane and foaming agents into closed mold. The reactions caused by the foaming agent lead to the expansion of resins and fill the cavity of the mold. After the reaction is completed, foams are removed. 

The production method for foam is commonly called foaming

Mix raw materials and foaming agents and place into sealed mold. The resin is heated and expanded to form the foam and removed. High-density foam has high elasticity. High-density foam has good elasticity recovery, durable, pressure resistance and not easy to develop fatigue. The softness and the body achieve tight and comfort fit. But for good quality foam, the foaming process is more hazardous and thus, has higher costs.

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